My nephew loves to play with some RC toys and it is always fun to get him some new ones that he can enjoy. I love to get him something cool and new as a gift. There are so many awesome choices out there, and it is always cool to see his eyes light up when I have gotten him something that he can play with and have fun with.

There are some cool new helicopters of the RC kind coming out, and they include a water gun helicopter that my nephew loves to play with. I got him this helicopter as a gift, and he has loved playing with it all the time. His sister loves to get in on the action as well. They love seeing the helicopter shoot out water in flight.

A water gun RC helicopter ended up being the perfect gift idea for my nephew and he has been so pleased with it. The helicopter gives him some endless fun and his parents love that he stays busy with it so that they can focus on getting dinner ready or some home chores that they have to do. The helicopter is always there to excite my nephew.