I love doing some in-air photography with a drone and just how much you can do with these lovely toys. You can use them for fun and there are so many other valuable uses for them as well. For example, people who are trying to find a roommate can use the drone to have a walk-through video of the place that they can post online.

I have met people who have been using drones for all kinds of things. Some people use them to monitor their large farm and to keep unwanted visitors far away. I like to use a drone for some cool photography and I have been building my skill set with the new drone that I got recently. It is a Syma drone that has been perfect for me.

My Syma quadcopter drone is just what I was looking for and it allows me to take some stunning shots of the landscape all around me. I am getting better and better at using the drone and I am looking forward to being able to take it to the beach and get views of the water or to even get a view from my balcony with the drone.